SKeepy is, simply put, a professional level score-keeping platform, open for everyone!


It all starts from its point collecting interface. Think of it as that tablet device you see the tennis umpires using to track the match. This is the main data controller and therefore a lot of effort is invested in making it as usable as possible.

Then what?

The collected clash data is projected into the scoring format of a specific sport, say tennis. This projection is broadcasted real-time to any willing viewer and also persisted for future reference and analysis. What you basically get is something similar to IBM® SlamTracker™.


Basic Features

Point-level tracking with details tailored for each sport. Say, for tennis, details like:

  • Forehand or Backhand shot
  • Ace, Passing shot, Unforced error or Double Fault
  • Spin was flat, top or slice
  • Drop shot, smash, cross, down the line
  • Who gets credit for the point

Ability to undo point as human errors do happen.


Advanced Features

Real-time broadcast with score viewers tailored individually for each sport

  • Display it on a big screen, to use it like a professional score board
  • Share a live clash so anyone can see the action in real-time
  • Real-time statistics about the clash

Post game statistics and analytics.

Historical data so you can analyze your progress and work on your weak spots.



Point Level Tracker

Point tracker with individual details tailored for each sport.

Score Projector

Scoring projectors that translate the tracked points into sport specific score and clash statistics.


Realtime score broadcaster responsible for synchronizing the point tracker with the viewers.

Data Warehouse

The persistent repository storing all the tracked data.


Interpreter of your data, analyzing your strong and weak points, presenting them in a visual-friendly manner.


Translates your data in various formats compatible with external systems for integration or sharing.